Turtles and Tortoises

From the enormous (and enormously expensive) Aldabra which reaches six feet in length and weighing up to 800 lbs to the slightly more manageable Sulcata, which can reach two and a half feet and 120 lbs, tortoises present a wide variety of sizes and temperaments. All are long-lived and represent a lifetime - sometimes several lifetimes - commitment.
Turtles range from the popular Red-Eared Slider to the exotic Mata Mata and offer the keeper both beauty and a challenge to breed and keep.
Both offer keeper and visitor alike the opportunity to glimpse life in the past as tortoises and turtles have remained largely unchanged for millions of years

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    Notes about Turtles and Tortoises

    Baby turtles/tortoises are sold for scientific research, exhibition, educational purposes or export (not sold as pets).

    Baby turtles/tortoises will be sold to adults (18 and older) only. People are encouraged to wash their hands after handling any turtle/tortoise. Turtles have been known to carry salmonella bacteria. Good housekeeping, fresh water or filtered water reduces the risk of infection

    Notes about Our Reptiles

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    All available animals are either wild caught, farm raised, or bred and born in captivity - many by us. Each individual will be clearly marked as to their origin. If you are looking for a specific breeding or specie - please contact us!

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