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Pythons and Boas
This is an extremely diverse group of snakes. We offer a variety from some of the smallest species, “Eryx”, to some of the largest pythons - for the novice as well as the experienced handler. Care must be taken in making a selection from this group as many of these animals will require a long term commitment and often have demanding needs.
Ball Pythons
These are possibly some of the most available snakes in the trade today. They come in a dazzling array of colors, tolerate a wade variety of environmental conditions and rarely exceed five feet in length. .
Kingsnakes & Milk Snakes
Members of this group are some of the most beautiful snakes in the world. They tend to be moderately sized and usually quite docile. Snakes from the genus Lampropeltis appeal to the beginner as well as the advanced herpetologist.
Corn Snakes and Rat Snakes
Corns and Rats, “Elaphe”, are active feeders and may initially show signs of aggression. This will, in most cases, pass quickly with regular handling.

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