A wonderful group of creatures. These animals can be as soft as velvet or rough as sand paper...gentle or aggressive, with legs or without. Limitless possibilities for the person that is fascinated by these mini-beasts.

Bearded Dragons
These wonderful lizards, “Pogona vitticeps”, are extremely popular with novice and experienced keepers. Their size, disposition and antics make them an amusing terrarium pet. We offer babies and juveniles in a wide variety of recognized color morphs from vigorous adults.

These South American lizards start small but grow fast. For those with the space to keep them, tegu offer the keeper the rare chance to interact with a large lizard that often remains pleasant to work with. Tegu seem to enjoy running the house and even the occasional harnessed walk in the yard.

From the diminutive Ackie to the truly awesome Black Throat, monitors are little changed from the time of the dinosaur. They are both rewarding and challenging and can offer a window to a time long past.

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