Ron – Just thought I’d write a quick email to tell you that the Mex Milks arrived today at about 9 o’clock and I am very pleased, they are beautiful snakes and appear to be in optimal health. Thank you for the animals, next time I am looking for something I’ll be sure to check out Ron’s Reptiles!
Thanks again, Mark S.

Thanks a lot Ron, she is becoming more and more beautiful each day… heehee I look forward to purchasing more snakes from you down the road. Keep up the good work! Take Care.
Bye-bye, Patrick

Thank you for the prompt shipment of 6 top notch baby burms. I will keep your pricelist on file for future reference.
Thanks again, Brad

My name is Dan B. and I took my family to the IRBA show at the San Mateo Expo Center in California. I was very impressed with the quality of your snakes and all of the other products that you were offering. I purchased a collapsible snake hook and some snake oil for a California Kingsnake that I was having trouble with mites. With your advice I no longer have that trouble.

Anyway, I am sure that you saw some of the other snakes at the show were in poor condition. It just made your business look that much more professional and “humane” and that is something that impresses me a lot.
Thanks you, Dan B.

June 7, 2004
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Greenberg,

On behalf of the Reptile Education Club of Salida Middle School, we would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us a t the 15th Annual Remarkable Reptiles Show. We enjoyed you reptiles, whether they were roaming around the place or displayed in cages. Your booth really made our show the best.

Everyone enjoyed the baby snakes you brought. The twin ball pythons and your hybrid snakes were especially impressive. We are also impressed with the amount of reptile supplies you put on display. We’re so glad you could join us foe the first time this year. We hope you had a fun and enjoyable day at the show.

Again, thank you for your help with our show. We really appreciate the effort you took to make our show the best. We look forward to seeing you back again at our 16th Annual Remarkable Reptile Show next spring. We’ll be in touch again next year.
Sincerely, Christina C. and Lyia J.
REC Co-Presidents
Ms. Laurel P.
Reptile Education Club Adviser

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